About us

Miyabi - The Art Gym is a space for you to exercise your mind and spirit!!

Ours is a first-of-its-kind venture where you bring your art ideas, and we provide the equipment, motivation, atmosphere, and even a mentor to guide and inspire you. Like the idea of a creative workout?

Here's how it works:
-You hire the space by the hour and we provide all the equipment you will need - art materials, etc.

-We would love to provide a space for as many forms of art as possible, but for now, the art forms we focus on are:
painting, drawing, writing, doodling, graffiti, paper art, graphics, photography, calligraphy, poetry, music, dance, acting.

-If you wish, we can also arrange for a mentor who can help you channel those creative juices in the right direction.

-But that's not all ->Any original content created at Miyabi-The Art Gym will be listed under our merchandise and offered for sale, with the artist being the major beneficiary.

-Our space is also available for exhibiting pre-created pieces of art, fun collaborations with individuals, groups or even companies that work with art or artists.

-We are also interested in organizing employee engagement & team building through art for corporates tailor-made according to their needs.However group bookings for a group of non-corporate individuals (or if corporate employess interested in their individual capacity) is always encouraged and welcomed.

We would love to see art horizons expanding and reaching more people and to encourage that, we plan to organize regular artistic meet-and-greets for a free flow of ideas across disciplines.

Want to let your inner artist out? We can help!!

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Our Artists


1. Mallika Almadi

2. Indu Sabharwal

3. Alisha Dash

4. Alka Khanna

5. Jagriti Mishra


1. Zibyreena( Sketch, International)

2. Alka Khanna(Sketch)

3. Tanya Tandon(Portait Sketch)

4. Ananya Kadamb


1. Alka Khanna

2. Alisha Dash


1. Aarudra Subramanian

2. Soumya Basuthakur

3. Vidya Ishwer Thakur

4. Anushree Ghosh


1. Shekhar Dahiya

2. Uttara Subramanian

3. Puja Rathi




Photography/ Blogging

1. Soumya Basuthakur

2. Anil Yadav


1. Brahm Kumar(Yoga)

2. Ayan Khan( Fly High Dance Academy)

3. Shubham Srivastav( Dance Movement Therapy)

4. Indu Sabharwal


1. Aarudra Subramanian

2. Vidya Ishwer Thakur


p>1. Nikita Tilwani

2. Vaibhavi Rana

Paper Art




1. Sanjana Subramanian(Visualizer)

2. Geetika Almadi Sharma

3. Alisha Dash



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Designer Shirts

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Limited doodle prints on canvas

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Tote Bags

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